13 July 2022 – On behalf of Artemis Land & Agriculture (“Artemis”), DLBP, the planning and development adviser, has launched the Public Consultation for Rickman’s Green Village.

Rickman’s Green Village is a proposal to create a new village on a small part of Crouchlands Farm. It will be a new high-quality, well-planned and sustainable village arranged around the Rural Enterprise Centre business units, education facilities, the farm shop, café, other small shops, and leisure facilities, alongside up to 600 homes, of which 180 will be sold or rented at lower than market value. The proposal also includes a new primary school, which would be constructed by West Sussex County Council, that will serve Rickman’s Green Village and the wider area.

For more information on the proposal click on attached link: https://www.dlbp.uk/rickmans-green-village.