Two more Pedigree Hereford bull calves have been born in November bringing the total number of calves born on Crouchland Farm so far this year to 18, including 9 bull calves and 9 heifers. When the cattle herd was brought onto the Farm earlier this year, there were 48 suckler cows for breeding, plus 6 bull calves and 6 heifers, so the ‘Crouchland Farm Pedigree Herefords’ herd now numbers 78.

Also very recently, two new sheep flocks have arrived on the Farm including 200 Lleyn ewes plus 4 rams for breeding and 110 Herdwick ewes plus 3 rams for breeding.

John Scott, the Farm Manager, comments: “We are very pleased with our first year of cattle breeding and, like the others, the new bull calves are doing well. Hopefully 24 of our cows are now in calf, due in the Spring, so that will bring the Pedigree herd to over 100. We are also delighted to see sheep back on the Farm in good numbers. Herdwicks are an endangered rare breed, so we hope to see the breed flourish here at Crouchland Farm.”