9 December 2020 – On behalf of Artemis Land & Agriculture (“Artemis”), DLBP, the planning and development adviser, has launched the Public Consultation which precedes a planning application to be submitted in the early part of next year for the regeneration of Crouchlands Farm.

The proposal seeks to regenerate Crouchlands Farm through focusing on the three key tenets of enterprise, environment and education. Specifically, the proposal includes high welfare, low impact and low intensity farming activity, mixed use rural diversification development, rural food and bespoke retail opportunities, educational facilities, and the development of a competition-standard equestrian centre and a range of leisure uses, including glamping.

The proposal has been the result of extensive work and planning to ensure designs fully reflect the rural context and meet high sustainability standards. This work has been augmented by thorough Transport and Ecological Impact Assessments.

On the relevant part of the DLBP website, which the links above will take you to, there is a form to enable you to submit any comments or questions. A letter about the Public Consultation is also being mailed out to local residents around Crouchlands Farm.

Separately from this proposal, we have responded to the consultations on the emerging Plaistow and Ifold Neighbourhood Plan with our very early ideas regarding a modest residential scheme to the north of the farm, and we have also been engaging in Chichester District Council’s emerging Local Plan consultation process. If residential development was to be proposed in the future, it would be subject to a separate and extensive public consultation.

Anthony Fairbanks Weston, Chairman of Artemis, comments: “We are very pleased that, after many months of careful thought and planning, we are now in a position to put forward our proposal for the regeneration of Crouchlands Farm. It has a number of elements that are designed to meet demand for locally produced goods and services while adding positively to the very special ecological features of the Farm. We very much hope that local residents will embrace the proposal and we would welcome your thoughts, observations and questions.”