Environment and ecology are at the core of the regeneration plans for the farm, and integral to our agriculture, leisure and tourism and education proposals. We intend the regeneration to be an exemplar of genuinely sustainable rural diversification, using local building materials, recycling grey water and generating much of our own energy requirements.

The diversification plans will be respectful of the beautiful landscape, the Ancient Woodland, and the rich and diverse ecology of the site, with the aim of generating ecological gain and giving members of the public access to enjoy and learn from the complex eco-system that is Crouchlands Farm.

Artemis has commissioned The Ecology Coop to develop the bio-diversity enhancement strategy for the farm, which includes:

  • The retention and protection of existing priority habitats (ponds, woodland and hedgerows).
  • The development of species-specific mitigation strategies for: bats, great crested newts and reptiles which will be implemented in full.
  • The establishment of new areas of high-value habitats across Crouchland Farm through the creation of species-rich wildflower meadows, ponds, and native tree/shrub planting including the strengthening of existing woodland edges through structural boundary planting.
  • The incorporation of species-specific enhancement measures within the development site including, for example, the provision of:
    • bat boxes
    • integrated bird nesting features (swifts, swallows and house sparrows)
    • tree mounted bird boxes (common species and barn owls)
    • log piles
    • insect houses