**Update: This competition has now closed. Please see here for news on the winner!**

The last 24 hours have heralded the arrival of new life at Crouchland Farm as the first pedigree Hereford calf was born to a delighted mother. Mum is a heifer, which is a young cow that has never had a calf, and this is her first calf. Mother and calf are part of a 36-strong herd that arrived at Crouchland Farm in March, as farming begins to get underway again after a long absence.

“Amongst our first cattle to arrive back on the farm, were 10 calves born in the last three months and 6 heifers that were in calf,” said Crouchland Farm’s new Farm Manager, John Scott. “So, we are naturally delighted that we have a new addition so soon after the arrival of the herd at the farm. The first-time mother and her calf are doing really well, which is great to see.”

Joining the herd in the next two weeks will be a further 16 cows and heifers and a pedigree Hereford bull. Over the next two years it is intended to grow the pedigree herd to over 150 cattle as it becomes an integral part of the farming activities at Crouchlands.

Pedigree cattle are all named and so we are launching a competition, which is open to everyone, but especially children, to come up with a name for this first calf. The calf is a ‘heifer’ so we need a name suitable for a female. (see below).

The herd will be formally registered as ‘Crouchland Farm Pedigree Herefords’, so the name will begin with the word ‘Crouchland’; after that the calf needs to have a name beginning with the letter ‘T’

to be registered with the Hereford Breed Society.


If you would like to tell us your suggestion for a name for the first baby calf, please visit our Contact Us page. Simply complete the contact form and in the Message section let us know your suggested name. Remember that it needs to begin with the letter ‘T’ to be registered with the Hereford Breed Society. The winner, who will be drawn by our Farm Manager on Friday 24th April, will receive a prize of a hamper from the Plaistow Stores up to the value of £50. If, by chance, we get the same name suggested more than once we will draw a winner out the hat.

Good luck!